Which UK microwave models are best for energy-conscious consumers?

12 June 2024

As consumers, you're constantly seeking ways to cut down energy usage and ultimately, reduce those monthly utility bills. Cooking, which is a significant part of domestic energy consumption, often comes under scrutiny. In your quest for energy-efficient appliances, a microwave oven can be an unexpected ally. These ubiquitous kitchen appliances can cook food more quickly and use less energy than traditional ovens or cookers. Now the question arises, which microwave models should you opt for?

This article aims to guide you through an understanding of how microwaves can help save energy and eventually, your money. It also introduces some of the best microwave models in the UK market that are renowned for their energy efficiency.

Understanding How Microwaves Work

Before diving into the specifics of microwave models, it's important to know how these appliances work and why they can be more energy-efficient. Microwave ovens use microwaves to heat food. These microwaves are forms of electromagnetic energy that are absorbed by water, fat, and sugar molecules in food, which subsequently heat up and cook the food.

Microwave ovens are especially proficient at cooking food evenly and quickly because the microwaves penetrate into the food, unlike conventional ovens which heat food from the outside. This means less heat and energy is wasted, and your food cooks quicker, saving both time and energy.

The Energy Efficiency of Microwaves

When it comes to energy efficiency, microwaves are often superior to other cooking methods. They use less power and time to achieve the same cooking results compared to traditional ovens or stoves. A microwave only uses around 20% of the energy a conventional oven does to cook a similar amount of food. This is because microwaves direct virtually all their energy to the molecules in the food, while conventional ovens have to heat up air or burners before they start cooking.

The microwave's compact size also contributes to its efficiency. It heats a smaller space and uses less energy to maintain a cooking temperature. By choosing a microwave over a traditional oven, you can significantly reduce energy cost and consumption in your kitchen.

Top Energy-Efficient Microwave Models in the UK

Having understood the energy-saving benefits of microwaves, let's now explore some of the best models available in the UK market known for their energy-efficiency.

  1. Samsung MS23F301TAS/EU Solo Microwave: Samsung is a trusted name in home appliances, and this model is no exception. It has an energy-saving mode that cuts standby power use when the microwave isn't in use. This feature can result in substantial energy savings over time.

  2. Panasonic NN-E28JMMBPQ Compact Solo Microwave: Panasonic is known for their eco-friendly appliances, and this microwave lives up to that reputation. It features an energy-saving mode that minimises power usage when on standby, along with efficient cooking that helps save on operating costs.

  3. Bosch HMT84G654B Built-In Microwave Oven: Bosch's microwaves are renowned for their power and efficiency. This model's inverter technology ensures that only the exact amount of energy needed is used to heat or cook your food, reducing power wastage.

Choosing the Right Microwave For Your Needs

Choosing the right microwave isn't just about the energy efficiency of the model. It's also about the suitability of the model for your needs and lifestyle. For instance, if you mostly use your microwave for reheating or defrosting, you may not need a high-power model. Conversely, if you cook large meals in your microwave, a larger, more powerful model might be more suitable.

Consider the power rating, size, and features of each model, and weigh these factors against your cooking needs and the available space in your kitchen. Remember, the most energy-efficient microwave is the one that fits your needs best, as it will prevent unnecessary usage and waste of energy.

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An Insight into Combination Microwaves and Their Energy Efficiency

Exploring further into the world of microwaves, combination microwaves are an innovative type of microwave that serves multiple functions. These versatile appliances function not just as microwaves, but also as grills and convection ovens. This multi-functionality allows you to bake, grill, roast, and microwave, all with one appliance. For those who value cooking efficiency, these appliances are an excellent option.

A combination microwave utilises convection heat, which circulates hot air in the oven, and radiant heat from the grill to cook food. This means that it can cook your food quickly and evenly, like a standard microwave, but also brown and crisp your food like a traditional oven or grill. This provides the best of both worlds: the speed and energy efficiency of a microwave with the results of an oven.

One such microwave model that embodies these qualities is the Russell Hobbs RHM2574 Combination Microwave. With its stainless steel interior, this microwave offers a sleek and durable design. Also, it comes equipped with various power levels, allowing you to adjust the energy consumption based on your cooking needs. This model's defrost function also aids in reducing cooking time and consequently, energy consumption.

Nevertheless, even within the category of combination microwaves, energy efficiency can vary. It's important to check the energy rating of your chosen model. This will provide an overview of its energy consumption and allow you to make an informed decision.

The Role of Air Fryers and Their Impact on Energy Consumption

Air fryers are another innovative appliance that has taken the cooking world by storm. These appliances use hot air circulation to cook food, thereby reducing the need for oil. By doing so, they not only offer health benefits but also present a more energy-efficient method of cooking compared to traditional frying methods.

One noteworthy product is Russell Hobbs 24580 Digital Deep Fryer. This appliance not only saves energy but also comes equipped with a power-saving mode. It's worth mentioning that air fryers, like microwaves, also cook food faster and hence, save energy.

In conclusion, incorporating energy-efficient appliances such as microwave ovens and air fryers into your kitchen can significantly reduce your energy consumption. This, in turn, will help you save on energy bills. When choosing efficient appliances, consider not only their energy rating but also their features, size, and suitability for your needs. Remember, it's not only about buying the most energy-efficient model, but also about using it effectively to minimise waste. By doing so, you can enjoy delicious food while being eco-friendly.

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